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Check the papers available on Voice over DSL, Optical Networks, SONET/SDH, digital wrapper, and my latest paper which describes the framing and multiplexing of DS1, DS2, DS3, E1, E2, and E3 signals, titled "DS1/DS3 and E1/E3 Framing and Multiplexing." 




This Web Site was originally produced in early February 2002, with most of it being done over one weekend.  I used Microsoft FrontPage 2000 (later upgraded to FrontPage 2002), and a web template obtained from FrontPage World.  The templates are located here.  

Prior to setting up this Web Site, I had no experience with the creation Web Sites or in writing HTML - this was a real learning experience.  Over time, I hope to learn more and add some more sophisticated features to the site.

2/19/2002 - Like most new web builders I'm putting in various "effects" that people may, or may not, like.  For example, I added some JavaScript to change hyperlinks when you move your mouse over them, and put a transition in when you go to this page.  Also on this page only, I put a "mouse trails" of bouncing balls (I thought it was cute).  Note that I didn't put it on all the pages since it can be distracting.  Information on some of these effects can be found here.  If one or more of the effects really bothers you, please let me know.

2/20/2002 - I added some JavaScript on the "Welcome" page to give a time-of-day greeting (like "Good Morning" or "Good Evening").  This is one of those features which most people won't notice.

3/6/2002 - I added embedded fonts so that my name at the top of the web pages would show up as "script" instead of block characters.  I noticed that people who did not have the font "mistral" would have my name displayed in block characters (something like "arial").

3/16/2002 - I changed the index page to be my "welcome" page instead of the flash page and put the flash in a pop-up window.  I also added cookies with a five day expiration so that you only see the flash one time.  If you come back in more than five days, you'll see it again.

3/22/2003 - Added a hit counter.

I'll probably add more effects over time, just as a learning process.

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